Preventing and Managing Back pain due to lifestyle habits by Yashmeen Manak, Fitness Trainer, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon.

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Lifestyle habits and back pain

In the modern age where we have access to all the possible gadgets to perform most of our tasks, our body is not being used sufficiently so as to keep it in a well conditioned state. Sedentary & stressful work profile & in-disciplined lifestyle is leading to an increased number of diseases and physical discomforts out of which back pain is very common.

Most people who suffer from back pain think that bed rest, surgery and pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs are the only remedies to their anguish. They cannot even imagine what wonders exercise can do to cure back pain till a great extent.

Exercise is the best and the most affordable medicine for back pain. It helps by stretching and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. Prolonged bed rest as a cure for back pain is now looked down upon as a culprit in inviting a host of other problems like bone loss, general weakness, weight gain and blood clots in the legs.

Preventing and managing back pain caused by lifestyle habits can be done if you make some changes in the way you live.

Long sitting hours

If you sit for too long at your office desk or maybe while driving, you may feel stiff and sore in the neck and shoulders. Your back may feel tight. Sitting for too long is one reason most of the people develop constant back pain but just a few tricks can solve this problem to a great extent.

-          Stand up for at least one minute after every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Stretch, walk or change positions.

-          Identify what all tasks can be done while standing. For instance, talking on the phone. Get up and fetch tea/ coffee/ water for yourself instead of ordering it to the peon or somebody else.

-          If possible try sitting on a swiss ball / gym ball, as you work on your desk, for a few minutes several times in a day.

Bad Posture

Most of us start our day with a good posture but when the body gets tired, we end up slumping or hunching. It is tough to monitor the posture all the time but it is possible to keep a check in some ways.

-          You may set an alarm or reminder for every 30 minutes to check whether you are sitting with a straight back, your shoulders back, knees bent and leveled with or slightly higher than the hips and feet flat.

-          Sit with your hips and the lower back touching the back rest of your seat or place a rolled up towel behind your back. Try resting your feet on a foot stool.



Being Overweight

If you are overweight, it will affect your back and other joints and soft tissues too. Before it gets too late or if it is just the beginning of some signs and symptoms of back pain your body has started giving you, enroll yourself into some weight loss and fitness plan combined with appropriate nutrition.

Lack of physical activity

With many people into sedentary jobs and very little physical activity it is becoming hard and fast to adopt exercising sufficiently and efficiently as a part of their lifestyle. In most cases, lower back pain is caused by tight or weak muscles of the trunk. Get involved in a total body exercise plan which should include both cardio and strength training.    

Tight Muscles

When your muscles are over-tight and you make a sudden move, they fail you by going into spasm and arresting you with excruciating pain. The state of pain may last for long.

The key to successful treatment of a spasm, just like the key to its prevention lies in gentle stretching. While stretching, concentrate on stretching to the point of resistance and then moving just a fraction beyond it, to the point of gentle tension. It is advised to perform the stretches under the guidance of a fitness professional to avoid any discomfort. Once you learn the right technique you may perform the stretches on your own.

Never push through pain. Over stretching can be worse than not stretching at all as it can tear the muscle fibres or induce spasms and pain.

Weak Muscles

Strengthening exercises should be performed to keep all the muscles of the trunk supple & strong. This will safeguard your posture and reduce the risk of any future back pain or injury. Make sure you consult a fitness professional before experimenting yourself.

In case you are suffering from lower back pain, stick to performing ONLY STRETCHING. Only once the pain subsides you can go ahead with STRENGTHENING EXERCISES.

Did you know?

Smoking is bad for your back as it is for your lungs and heart. It ruins the spinal disks through its effects on the blood circulation which feed all the tissues of the body with nutrients. Surveys by physicians have recognized cigarette smoking as one of the major risk factors for back pain. Nicotine and other components of cigarette smoke cause damage to the disks of spine by reducing the blood supply to these tissues, raising clotting risks and reducing the flow of nutrients to the disks.

Alcohol also constricts the blood vessels hence leading to poor circulation. Prolonged alcohol abuse can aggravate back pain.

So most people who suffer from back pain due to any of their lifestyle habits need to accept this simple fact that you can manage and prevent the problem by just working it out! At the same time please remember that as with any other exercise plan, it is very important to consult the doctor first. Identify the right cause for your back pain and then move ahead with your doctor’s consent!




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