Boot Camp workout, a guide for beginners by Yashmeen Manak, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon, India.

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  1. From where did boot camp style originate?

Boot Camp style workout were initially very popular in the United States.

The workout got this name because the style and type of exercises performed in a boot camp workout are similar to the exercises and drills performed in a military training.

  1. How did you get introduced to boot camp?

Being a fitness trainer and very passionate about my profession, I like to keep myself updated with the latest fitness trends and styles of workouts. I read a lot and attend fitness conventions and that’s how I came to know about boot camp training. It was few years back and at that time boot camp training was not much talked about in India.

  1. What benefits does boot camp style have that other work outs don’t?

Boot camp is a mix of high intensity aerobics and basic strength training which makes this type of workout routine very intense and strenuous when compared to other workouts. All the exercises are performed back to back without any rest period which works out the entire body.

Boot camp workouts are extreme calorie burners. These kind of workout routines exercise the lower & upper body at the same time without any rest. This results in burning a lot of calories which is very useful for those trying to lose weight in a short span of time. No other form of exercise can help achieve this. (Can burn upto 600 calories/ hour during a single boot camp exercise session)

Not at all boring:- Bootcamp workouts are never boring as you have to perform so many different exercises. Time goes by quickly and you will not even get to know, whereas time can drag when you are walking on a treadmill.

Can be performed at home:- Not much equipment or no equipment at all is required except for a little space for a boot camp workout. It can be performed within the comfort zone of one’s home.

Short & Effective:- For people who are too busy to take out time to go to the gym or a park can perform a short & effective total body workout with boot camp style..

  1. What are the pre-requisites for boot camp workout? Is there an age bar?

There is no age bar as such. As with any other fitness routine, prior to beginning with a boot camp workout it is very important to assess your current fitness level. Check with your doctor if you have any medical ailment like a heart condition or a joint or muscle injury. Because boot camp workouts are very intense & strenuous, it is advised to begin considering your current health and fitness levels.


  1. Is it to be practiced everyday (like yoga or gymming) or only for a short period of time?

Bootcamp workouts are very intense and strenuous so I would suggest 3 sessions a week on alternate days. It’s a total body workout so the muscles should get some time to recover in between sessions.

It can also be done 5-6 days a week depending upon the targeted muscle group program design and intensity of the workout.


  1. Can you suggest some boot camp style exercises that can be practiced at home?

Jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, pull ups, squats, skipping rope, plank, lunges, on the spot jogging, side bridge, punches, kicks etc.

Can be done at home. These are all calisthenics i.e. own body weight exercises. Apart from these if a person has a pair of dumbbells then some more exercises can be done.


  1. What are equipments used in boot camp workout?

A boot camp workout can be performed with no equipment at all or very little equipment. Bare minimum equipment required can be a pair of free weights like dumbbells, barbells, medicine ball, gym ball, skipping rope etc.

Make sure you wear loose, comfortable cotton clothing and a good pair of cross training shoes, a water bottle handy and keep sipping water as you should be well hydrated.

  1. Do we need to follow a particular diet?

Boot camp workout is very intense and challenging so a high carbohydrate snack just an hour before the workout will get you through the whole session.

During the boot camp workout, a sport drink which should contain 6 grams carbohydrate solution per 100 ml and salt can be consumed for instant energy.

Eat 5 to 6 small meals placed evenly throughout the day. If you are on a weight loss plan then consume less calories than you burn during the boot camp workout.

  1. What is a usual boot camp routine like? (steps you follow during the workout)

A boot camp workout begins with a warm up for 5 to 10 minutes followed by a series of functional full body exercises with or without equipments. These exercises are performed back to back without any rest period.

The whole sequence is repeated 3 to 4 times as designed by the instructor and then

followed by a cool down in which all the muscles used are stretched and relaxed.

Boot camp workouts are lead by an instructor who takes the participants step by step through the entire routine.

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