Setting up a home gym by Yashmeen Manak, Fitness Trainer, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon.

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Setting up a trendy home gym….

An age old picture of home gym will depict a few free weights like a pair of dumbbells, barbells, bench and a piece of cardio mostly a stationary bike or a treadmill.

However, with the advancement in technology and better availability of quality products, the options have increased manifold.

List of equipments / gadgets in a home gym.

A good piece of cardio respiratory training equipment. It can be a mechanized treadmill, a cross trainer or a stationary bike (either up right or reclined)

For people who are overweight or have any joint injury, using a treadmill can give rise to injuries or are in some medical cases treadmills are not recommended at all. Going for a cross trainer or a stationary bike is a better option as the workout is low impact.

Free weights – A pair of dumbbells, barbell rods and weight plates: Depending upon individual choices and capabilities, weights and sizes can be chosen.

A multipurpose bench: In place of flat bench, a multipurpose bench having flexibility to be altered as inclined, declined and a regular flat bench should be installed.  A multipurpose bench can be used for a plethora of exercises.

With the help of such multipurpose benches, various exercises for different body parts can be done with the help of free weights. These benches can be used for different variations of exercises for Chest, shoulders and legs unlike traditional benches wherein you need to invest in separate benches or equipments for different exercises.

Home Multigym: Latest multigyms are designed in such a way that one machine can provide you with the possibility of 10-40 different exercises and cover all the major muscle groups. A multigym is capable of advanced levels of exercise variations while effectively taking care of the basic ones. Multigyms come in various sizes and attachments can be chosen as per the individual requirement thus making it an essential piece in a home gym.

Apart from selection of quality equipments, care should be taken to provide for proper ventilation of the exercise area. Air-conditioning if required should be adequately designed as ambient temperature of workout area should neither be too hot nor too cold to cause discomfort.

Flooring should not be slippery. Rubber sheets, piece of carpet or mats should be used in the free weight area.

Lights and music play a very important part in raising the tempo. Use lights and music that elevates your energy level. Many cardio equipments come fitted with LCD screen. A television set can also be installed as per individual choices.

And last but not the least. Hire a professionally qualified fitness trainer to guide you through your workout effectively.

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