Effective Conventional Ways of Slimming Down by Yashmeen Manak, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon

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Losing excess fat to slim down is just about choosing the right kind of food along with regular exercise and edequate water intake. Everyone knows it but still there are majority of people who get used to their unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that they find it impossible to give up binging on oily snacks and three large meals a day. Especially, the last meal is just so grand to let them slim down.

Now, before I reveal the conventional ways for slimming down, I want you all, especially women, to get a blood test done every 6 months. This is very important because most of the women who are unaware, have an under-active thyroid which slows down their metabolism. Hypothyroidism is one of the major causes of excess weight gain.

Eat 5-6 Small meals per day

The traditional three meals a day simply won’t do it for burning fat. Every time you eat, your metabolism kicks in to start burning whatever you have eaten and you begin to break it down instantly, taking everything it has to offer from nutrients to energy.

While eating only three meals a day, your metabolism has time between meals to slow down. This is not very efficient for burning fat.  Your goal is to keep your metabolism going and burning as much fat as possible. This is done by spacing your food out to 5 or 6 smaller meals a day or by eating approximately every 2.5 to 3 hours.

Eating 5-6 meals in a day does not imply to eat like a horse. It is actually eating 3 normal meals and to eat something small and extra in between. It has two advantages. First to keep your metabolism going on and second it reduces your appetite for the next meal thus causing you to desire less food.

Eat your food slowly because food takes a while to get fully digested and before we realize it we’ve already had a second helping.

Drink Water

Never overlook the importance of drinking water. Water plays a very important role in properly utilizing the nutrients and removing harmful toxins from the body. Your body is 70% water so give it what it needs. While losing fat you should be able to utilize every bit of nutrient that you take with your limited food. Water helps you transport nutrients efficiently into your cells and helps determine how your cells use them. You need them to maintain health and preserve quality muscle mass.


Eating before Bed

While you are sleeping your metabolism slows down and therefore it is not wise to eat just before bed. The food that you will eat will possibly be stored as fat, as your body will not be able to metabolise it completely. Give a gap of at least one and a half to two hours before you hit the bed.


Protein enriched diet

Keeping your metabolism going and burning fat efficiently while retaining as much muscle as possible is dependent on taking in a high amount of protein. Your body will burn carbohydrates first, because it is your main energy source. Once it runs out of carbohydrates, it will begin to use your fat as fuel. You do not want your body dipping into your hard-earned muscle to use as energy. It is for this reason that it is of prime importance that you eat as much protein as possible while losing body fat.

Get quality protein from lean meats, eggs, fish and nuts.

Lower your Carbs

Without lowering your carbohydrates, your fat loss will be minimal at best. Lowering your carbohydrates will keep your body burning mostly fat all the time. Since your body burns carbohydrates first, then fat, it will not have no carbohydrates to burn and begin burning fat immediately. The trick with carbohydrates is that you should consume more of your day’s carbs earlier in the day (primarily breakfast) and taper them off as the day wears on. When eating breakfast, you should eat a combination of protein and carbohydrates to give your body a jump start for the day. After your breakfast you should maintain the habit of eating smaller meals after every 2.5 to 3 hours.

Get your carbs from fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils and wholegrains.


The foods you eat should be relatively low in fats as food with higher amounts of fat can become a limiting factor when trying to lose weight. People eating low fat diets may choose to add a few tablespoons of essential fatty acids to their diet (flax, fish oil etc) in order to remain healthy and aid in proper digestion.

Take a Multi-Vitamin

When dieting, taking a multi-vitamin will keep you strong and healthy. Since you are changing your eating habits in one way or another while dieting, you should make sure that you are getting good amount of essential vitamins and minerals.

Cardiovascular and Weight Training

Cardiovascular exercise is perhaps one of the most important keys to losing weight. Your diet could be the best in the world, but it will never reach its full potential without cardio.

Many individuals will also choose to vary the type of exercise or type of cardio equipment they use. There are many ways of getting the job done, such as jogging, swimming, bike riding, rowing, spinning, taking aerobics classes, boxing or by using a piece of equipment such as treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, rowing machine or whatever else can consistently get your heart pumping.

It is also important to begin a proper weight training program. This will also help you burn more body fat and increase muscle mass. While weight training only moderately increases heart rate, it increases lean muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism into burning fat.









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How to get right curves by Yashmeen Manak, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon

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Sculpting a great body requires a lot of hard work and discipline but you get as a reward is more than worth all the pains!

-          Forget the weighing scale and instead look at your body into the mirror to analyse which is your weak body part where you need to work onto in order to get the right shape for your body type.

-          If you are thin and looking forward to adding on some curves at the right places, incorporate weight training into your fitness regime along with a healthful eating plan combined with some supplementation. At very least you should take a high quality whey protein, a good multi-vitamin & mineral and fish oil.

-          If you are overweight, include at least 40 minutes of cardiovascular activity after your weight training session. Once you lose enough fat, you can analyse which body part you need to focus more on and make changes in your fitness regime as per that.

-          To get the right curves at the right places, weight training can do wonders. You can weight train and change the shape of your body by adding muscle and tone to your least favourite body part.

-          Those who have a flat butt, can incorporate squats, front flexed lunges, rear flexed lunges, lateral lunges and deadlifts to their glutes and thigh routine. Calf raises done with enough resistance will give a curve to your legs in case you have straight legs.

-          Cardiovascular workouts combined with intense abdominal routine, sculpts a great mid-section.

-          Include more of weight training exercises for your shoulders, chest, back and arms, in case you have a narrow upper body frame as compared to your lower body frame.

-          Whatever fitness regime you may follow, a healthful and balanced eating plan is very important and its only when you feed your body with the right nutrients and enough sleep (8 hrs), you can see amazing results of all the hard work you put into gym.

-          Take a balanced diet rich in protein, quality carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins & minerals and enough water, planned as per your own individual fitness goal & requirements.

-          Identify your body type and sculpt the best out of what you have !!


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Staying Fit at Home by Yashmeen Manak, Sculpt Gym, Gurgaon

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Getting some exercise is very important and most of the people think that a gym is the only place to get a good workout. There are many people who want to stay fit with some amount of exercise and cannot join a gym at the same time due to various reasons. There are people who cannot afford a gym membership fee and they look for less expensive alternatives. Some of them just don’t like going to gyms or they feel too embarrassed to exercise in that ambience. In some cases, people are too pressed for time and don’t even have a gym close to their home. Full time house wives and mothers to kids too have their share of restrictions and are not able to join a gym even if they want to.

In all the above cases, working out at home can be a great idea! There are several ways you can exercise and stay fit in the comfort of your home.

Working out at home is less expensive or not expensive at all. You need bare minimum or no equipment to do so. You can use whatever you have in your house, within your comfort and anytime as per your lifestyle. It does not require a person to travel anywhere and can more easily fit into your schedule.

For housewives and mothers to kids, they have all the above advantages along with the comfort of keeping an eye on their house jobs and taking care of their kids at the same time. If you don’t have any money related concerns then you can even hire a personal trainer, invest in some basic equipment and workout with your trainer at any time convenient to you.

Once you decide and plan to workout at home, it is advised to consult your doctor especially if you have any known medical condition like hypertension, diabetes, bone or joint related discomfort or any past surgery. It is always safe to take advice from your doctor and let him decide what level and type of exercise will be appropriate for you. Not necessary but consulting a fitness professional and getting an initial fitness assessment done is a great approach. You can get a customized home work out plan made as per your fitness goals and specifications.

Now that you are clear about what you want all you have to do is arrange for some well- ventilated space in your home, your favorite music and an exercise mat. Always wear loose & comfortable clothing, cotton or dry fit and a good pair of running /cross–training shoes.

Now that you are all geared up, let me brief you on how you can give yourself a balanced total body workout. A balanced exercise plan consists of cardiovascular training, strength /resistance training and flexibility training.

Cardiovascular training- refers to performing rhythmic movements to raise the heart rate for an extended period of time (minimum 20 minutes or more). This type of training strengthens the functioning of heart and lungs and burn fat. Examples of cardiovascular training which you can perform at home are, on the spot Jogging, Dancing, Skipping, Stair climbing, Jumping jacks, Hops, Step ups etc. You can be creative and design a 20 min circuit for yourself including 5 minutes of spot jogging followed by 5 minutes of skipping, followed by 5 minutes of stair climbing, followed by 5 minutes of jumping jacks or hops. You can also use a raised platform and do some stepping up & down. So you can always mix and match and make exercising fun. In case you want to invest in cardio training equipment, you may go for a stationary bike, an elliptical trainer or a treadmill as per whatever you enjoy doing more.

Strength/ Resistance Training – Involves training with either your own body weight or with some external resistance such as dumbbells, barbells, exercise machines or resistance bands. This type of training is essential for strengthening and toning the muscles and reducing the risk of injury. The best part of this training is that, it gradually increases the resting metabolic rate i.e., the rate at which your body burns calories even when you are not doing any activity.

To start with, you can perform calisthenics i.e., you can strength train with your own body weight. Calisthenics include exercises like Push ups, Pull ups, Squats, Lunges, Crunches etc. Once you get accustomed to these, you may start adding external resistance like filled water bottles or canned goods or even invest in some dumbbells or resistance tube. Resistance tube consists of rubber tubing with handles on the ends. It is available in various colors which represent various difficulty levels in tension. A wide variety of strengthening exercises can be performed with these bands and they have a very low risk of injury. These bands are accompanied with an instructional book which makes the learning process easier.

Flexibility Training – Involves stretching of the muscles. It is defined as the maximum mobility at a joint which varies from person to person. Stretching regularly prevents injury and promotes efficient movement. It releases tension and reduces soreness and fatigue in the muscles. Stretching can be done standing or on an exercise mat. If you know something about yoga then you can understand what stretching is all about. There are a number of flexibility exercises. You can pick up a few basic ones which should be done during the warm up before beginning the exercise routine and in the cool down session after you are done with your workout.

Home Workout Videos – are also a great option to follow if you want a complete professionally designed workout plan. You just need to follow the instructions on the video carefully and you may have to rewind it again & again to learn the correct way of performing the exercises.

I believe that if you really want to stay fit, you will not look for any excuses and whatsoever reasons you may have for not joining a gym, after reading the above, you would definitely motivate yourself to work out and stay fit at home!!





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